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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Tune in to internet radio

Hello. Thank you so much for the two readers who told me where to look to listen to the radio on the computer. I've tried both of them, and they work, so I'm a happy bunny. If anyone doesn't want to register with the BBC, try these.

Internet radio uk

Said it before, my blog readers are brilliant. Thank you Lorraine and Mindo, for sharing. Happy listening.

Back later.


  1. Free dancing at yours then Ilona - rock on x

  2. Hi Ilona,but can you listen to the bbc radio stations?? Linda

    1. Have you clicked on the links to have a look? Yes, BBC radio is on there.

  3. Brilliant ! Didn't comment about registering on the BBC as everything had been said , but I will definitely use these internet radio stations from now on your words Ilona I'm really chuffed :-)

  4. Try broadcast from Jerome, Arizona. Just click on one of the triangles under either the red or blue buttons and start listening. No signing up for anything.


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