Saturday, 25 February 2017

It's a throw away world - Meanqueen to the rescue

Hello. I think I must be on a one woman crusade, to rescue all useful stuff bound for landfill. I took my old brown crappy cheap and nasty cupboard to the council tip today. Broke it up to fit in the car. What did I do when I was there, had a nosy in a car full to the brim with stuff which didn't look like junk to me. The owners happily passed me a few things before they got tossed in the skip. I could have taken more, but the attendant advised that I should be doing my rescuing outside the gate, not on the premises. The owners just wanted rid of it and didn't want to sort it and give it to me out on the roadside. 
This is what I managed to grab before it was dumped. The woman was more helpful than her husband, she loaded some of it in my car. Three big cushions, they look clean but I will wash the covers, and pass them on to the church. 
A brand new iron in it's original box, never been used. I will keep hold of it for the time being in case my very old one packs up. If I haven't needed it by June I will sell it at the village fete on our cat rescue stall.

Seven picture frames. I can use some of these for my pictures. I have enough to keep me going for a long time. Best make some more pictures then. The frames I don't use I will pass on to the Age UK charity shop.

A big clock, metal surround, reminds me of a clock in a railway station waiting room. I put a battery in it and it works. Will sell this on the cat stall.

I really must try not to bring so much stuff home. I noticed there are two doors on the skip tonight as I passed it on my walk. I could very easily build another summer house, ha ha. I resisted the temptation to take my car round there and pick them up.

Nice to see some new readers commenting. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon. Enjoy your Sunday.
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Friday, 24 February 2017

Discovering Thixendale and Wharram Percy

Hello. I've had a belting day out with my walking buddies, Paul and Paul. Storm Doris has gone and we enjoyed a mostly sunny day with hardly any wind. Paul organized the route and the other Paul did the driving. We went over the Humber Bridge into Yorkshire, and parked at a village called Birdsall, not far from Pocklington. The Yorkshire Wolds have lovely walks, up hill and down dale, gentle undulating hills. We set off along The Centenary Way. 
It wasn't long before we arrived at the tiny hamlet of Thixendale, which boast the title of the most remote village in the Yorkshire Dales. It lies in a deep valley and is only one street long.

Thatched cottage.

Ooh, look a village shop, the two Paul's had to wait while I went inside to have a look.

It's in the conservatory at the rear of someone's house. A lady came out to serve me and I bought us all a flapjack each. 

This is the Village Hall, they serve coffee and cakes on Sundays.

Typical of the houses in this area.

Out of Thixendale we followed the Centenary Way, through DeepDale to Wharram Percy. 
Here are the remains of a deserted medieval village. View of the church as we approach it.

There is a fishing pond down below.

Time for lunch, lucky to find a bench to sit on in the sun. 
A little exploration around the church.

As you can see from the information board it was quite a large settlement. Just the foundations are left now.

We followed what looked to be an old railway line, there were ruins of old buildings hidden in the undergrowth.

Where shall we go next, I don't know you've got the map. 
We were on our way back to Birdsall when I spotted a couple of big hairy cows with horns in a field. 
Birdsall Church stands high on a hill, the picture isn't so good because the sun was right behind it.

Snowdrops everywhere, so pretty.

It was a smashing walk. We did twelve miles, so that's given my February numbers a boost. I'm aiming for the 100 again hopefully.

If you want to know more about Thixendale and Wharram Percy, the Happy Hiker has done a post on his web site about his walk in the area, with pictures similar to mine.

We're at the weekend again, I hope it's a good one for you. I shall be pottering and thinking about my walking trip. Checking maps, and gathering bits and bobs for my rucksack, trying to keep the weight as low as I can.

Thanks for popping in, and thanks for your great comments. I see there are a lot of new readers and first time comments, welcome to you all.
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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Saving pennies means more for holidays

Hello. Wow, it's blustery outside, hope Storm Doris passes over by the end of the day. The lengths I go to, to save a few pennies, a lot of people would laugh and think I am bonkers. 
I'll tell you how I saved 34p by buying a dented tin of condensed milk. It was reduced from 55p to 25p, so I have saved already. But I look at this differently. I normally buy soya milk at 59p a litre carton. I always look for cheaper alternatives to keep my spending low, and I will sometimes buy a similar product to save money. I quite like condensed milk but I don't buy it at normal price. 
No fancy tin openers here, a bog standard stab it and lever it around the edge. These openers last hundreds of years, ha ha.

The measuring jug tells me it is almost half a litre. Now what, not much saving at 50p a litre. Aha, now here's the trick, I am going to dilute this with water, giving me double the quantity. I will keep it in the fridge, put half the amount I normally put on my cereals, and top it up with tap water. Bingo, saved 34p. I shall be spending some of my savings soon on a trip. I have a train ticket, and one night in a hotel booked.

Another look in the skip revealed a set of curtains, just need a wash, and a metal ornate lampshade. Good eh! I've had a word with the owner and she said I could have anything I wanted. The skip is full with mostly garden rubbish at the moment, it is due to be collected in the next few days. I do hope they bring it back empty because I shall be watching it if they do.

Progress report on the Woodland picture. Not giving much away at the moment, a lot more stitching to be done, but because it is a smaller picture it shouldn't take months like the big ones do.  

That's all for now, thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

I love free furniture.

Hello. Question, where can you get free furniture? Answer, from a skip. I found these two bedside cabinets the other day, not a mark on them. The house had been empty for a long time, it has recently been bought and a skip appeared on the driveway. It's on my walk, I pass it every day, and when I saw these I was so excited. 
There was no one around so I asked my friend up the road if he knew who had bought it. Yep, go down the next street and knock on a red door, so I did. Permission was granted to remove said furniture. I immediately went home to get my car, as it was in danger of raining. 
They are smashing. My first thought was to find a home for them because they won't fit in my bedroom, then I had a look around and thought they would look nice in my living room. 

This is a bit of a messy spot, the brown stereo unit next to the chair is about forty years old, it was cheap and chipboardy, and is too big for the space. I think it's time to get rid of it. I have to keep the tall cupboard behind the chair because it has a false back in it, it was made to cover up the electric meter behind it. Stupid place to put a meter.

Hey, look at the difference, a lot better. I moved the coffee table next to the chair and the cabinets fit perfectly either side of the alcove wall. This room used to be two smaller rooms, the previous owner knocked them through. I'm chuffed to bits with this.

The moral of this story is keep your eyes peeled for any skips which appear on people's driveways, they might be throwing something useful out. Always ask permission to remove items you want. They will always say yes. I love free stuff. 
My dinner yesterday was very simple, tagliatelle and frozen vegetables drizzled with toasted sesame seed oil. Only takes a few minutes to simmer in one pan. My lunch today was a bit of a mishmash, iceberg lettuce, potato salad, Danish Blue cheese, and tagliatelle, with a splodge of tartar sauce. 
I was up late this morning so I am a bit behind. I'll get off now and catch up. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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