Sunday, 22 January 2017

Mind your language

Hello. Isn't it sad that people of supposedly higher than average intelligence feel the need to use foul language when they feel strongly about something. Anger rears it's ugly head in many aspects of our lives these days. The media, including magazines, newspapers, TV, and internet, are all becoming littered with offensive, filthy mouthed swearing. What does this say about the person spewing these profanities? The message I am getting is that it reveals a lack of self control, a lack of anger management, and an inability to express oneself eloquently due to a limited vocabulary.

Keyboard warriors are the worst culprits. It's so easy to punch a few keys on a keyboard before putting your brain into gear, with no thought of how your words might be perceived by the millions out there reading it. Anger mixed with foul language is a toxic combination and belongs in a sewer.

I don't suppose the millions of trolls out there give a stuff about how many people they offend, they see swearing as cool, makes them feel big, gives them a buzz. Anonymous trolls hide behind their anonymity, they haven't the guts to put their names to the bile they spew. They are to be pitied.

Then there are the people who you wouldn't expect to be swearing, those that do put their names to their words. It comes as a bit of a surprise that those well known faces should compromise their position by allowing their anger to bubble up to such a degree that they are no longer in control of their fingers darting across the keyboard.

Mind you, woe betide anyone who dares to challenge the use of foul language, for on social media they can easily be deleted. Warning, when you challenge an angry person who is spewing offensive language, your comment will be dumped. Maybe not immediately, but go back at a later time and it will be gone.

Don't mess with an angry person, it's not worth the hassle. Ignore. Being angry makes them feel good. Leave the anger with them, it's their anger, not yours. Do not take any part of it. Keep calm, move on.

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PS. Please don't swear in your comments. Thank you.

Saturday, 21 January 2017


Hello. What a change in the weather again, no two days the same. Damp and drizzly and overcast. I did the Jade dog walk this morning, and was glad to get back into my comfortable house. After lunch I finished off the six bags I started the other day. The fabric is not bright and jazzy, but when I saw it at the Scrapstore I thought that will do nicely for bags. 
I was thinking the other day that I haven't been out in the evening for ages, except for the WI talk I did the other night. Can't remember the last time I got my glad rags on and painted the town red. I think town centres are to be avoided at night, they seem to be geared up for boozy youngsters partying. I am too old for that sort of thing. My social life is virtually nil.
I shall be going out next Saturday night however, been invited to a birthday party at a pub in the next village. My good friend Helen is celebrating her 50th, it will make a nice change. I won't be stopping long though, about an hour will be fine. There is a band and as you know I can't cope with noise, I also won't drink, have to drive home. 
Nope, not much socializing happening here at the moment. My nights are spent in my comfortable living room, on my super comfortable second hand sofa, the whole suite cost me all of £50 from my friend who emigrated. A brilliant buy. Reading a book, listening to the radio, or watching something on yooootoooob, just me and my kitties. Trouble is, I put my feet up, and it doesn't take long for me to drop off to sleep. Reading always makes me drowsy. 
Bugsy has a choice of dinner as usual. Now what shall I eat first, Felix or Gourmet Gold. A quick lick of both and he goes for the milk. It's a good job he has, I've ground the tablet to a powder and mixed it in. I started by giving him the tablet whole but it was so stressful for both of us, it's easier to dissolve it in a drink. You should have seen him earlier on today, he scoffed every bit of his food. I reckon I will come downstairs in the morning and most of this will be gone. Only two more tablets left for tomorrow, then we'll see how he goes on after his medication has finished.

Right, time for relaxing on the sofa. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon
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Friday, 20 January 2017

I love to go a wandering.......

Hello. The first sunny day we've had for a week or more, best get out there for a walk. I made a small pack up, only going to be out for about four hours, so just need something to keep me going. So, step out of my front door and go. I've posted this view before, the track goes along the bottom of a wood, with the river in the distance across the fields. 
Approaching the Industrial Estate I found a colourful plastic coated picture dumped in the hedgerow. Shame no one will see it there, let's put it on the fence. Very artistic I thought.

Oh dear, the car park of the vacant office block has been invaded by the travelling community. I thought they lived in caravans because they like travelling around. Making a mess as usual.

I followed the River Trent, there is a boat unloading at Flixborough wharf. Can't get close enough to read it's name, but if I go on the Marine Traffic web site it tells me that is is still moored now, it's name is Scanlark, it's flying the St Vincent Grenadines flag, and  it's gross tonnage is 1371. Have a look here for more details.

Further along the Trent I came across two more boats at Gunness Wharf.

H & S Fairness is a general cargo boat, flying the Netherlands flag. It was built in 2012, it's home port is Delfzijl, and it's overall length is 87.75 m. It arrived here at 32.35 last night.

Wilson Almeria is flying the Maltese flag, it's home port is Valletta. It was built in 2010. It arrived at 23.45 last night.

I bet you really wanted to know that information didn't you, ha ha. The Marine Traffic site is really interesting.

If you want to see where my yacht ILONA is, have a look here.  It is actually moored in London at the moment, at Marsh Wall, the Isle of Dogs. Perhaps I should go down there and see it again. I last saw it in 2012 when it was there for the Olympics.

Ooops, forgot, getting carried away, I'm supposed to be writing about my walk today. From Gunness, I took a track which is an old railway line, now for walking and cycling. It goes over the M181 close to the roundabout at the end of it. In the distance you can see the big Tesco store where I do my yellow sticker shopping.

Homeward bound now. I walked through the outskirts of Scunthorpe, taking the most direct route back. Leaving the houses behind I picked up a tarmac footpath, which led onto a rough track and through some fields. The sun is just disappearing over the horizon.
Coming into Flixborough village with three miles left to do, it was starting to get dark. As luck would have it, someone I know spotted me and stopped to ask if I want a lift. I gratefully said, yes please, he was going my way, so I hopped in. It was 5pm when I landed home. Checked the mileage on Bikehike, and it was 11 miles, so I'll add that to my total on the calendar, making it 62 up to date. Nice to get back into the swing of longer walks again. Must do more.

Pleased to report that Bugsy is doing well. The tablets he is on are making his poo really sloppy like oxtail soup. Other than that he is eating ok, and moaning when I haven't given him the right food. There was the option of taking him for another injection today, but I phoned the vet and said he is doing ok and doesn't need it.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon. Have a nice weekend.
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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Mucky boots.

Hello. Fancied something different for my breakfast this morning, rather than the usual bran flakes, ground nuts, seeds, and fruit, and a banana. Twas half a tin of Value baked beans, 12p, two scrambled eggs, 28p, and two slices of seeded bread, 14p. Filled me up a treat, had a late lunch because I was still full at 1pm. 
Weather is still a bit murky, though not raining. I got my walk done before lunch today, and went a different route. The farmers are getting in the sugar beet. Two tractors trundling up and down the track and tipping them onto this pile.

I watched for a few minutes. I had a job once driving tractors through an auction, it was hilarious. I like tractors. I like JCB's as well. I had a go once at driving one at the JCB test site at Ashbourne in Derbyshire, they don't half bounce around. I imagine the suspension must have improved a lot since then.

Clever how that machine scoops up the roots and discards the tops of the plants. Wouldn't mind having a play with that monster. 

Coming back for another load, best get out the way.

 Oh heck, stuck up to the eyeballs in mud.

Moving on. Money saving tip. Are you coming to the end of your toothpaste? I bought the Colgate for 50p ages ago from Poundstretcher, it was on offer. It has lasted a while, I only put a squidgen on my brush, hate having a frothy mouth. Anyway, the new tube is a Tesco Value one, only 25p. It might be cheap but it has all the ingredients needed to clean teeth, and is accredited by the International Dental Health Foundation. I have used it in the past, it's perfectly fine, and the minty taste is not too strong, which I like. Give it a go, no need to pay silly prices for toothpaste.

Think that's about it. I'm making some more shopping bags, always something to do.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.